Are you interested in training to be a thermal and noise insulation fitter or construction finishing worker (Chamber of Crafts) with us?

We still have training opportunities available for 2016.

Contact for your application documents:

F.B. Wärme- Kälte- Schall + Brandschutz GmbH
Am Königsacker 13-17
D-32425 Minden

Contact person:
Mrs Sylvia Rüter


Thermal and noise insulation fitter (Chamber of Crafts)

Job description
Thermal and noise insulation fitter (Chamber of Crafts)
Industrial insulation fitter (Chamber of Industry and Commerce)

2. Duration of training
As a rule it lasts three years.

Within the framework of training in stages it is also possible to agree 2 year training contracts.
The job descriptions are:

Construction finishing worker (Chamber of Crafts)

Training takes place at the company, vocational college and inter-company training locations.

3. Area of work
Insulation fitters primarily work on large industrial plants, producing thermal and sound insulation for pipes, tanks, fittings, ceilings and walls in the chemical industry, in refineries, power stations, waste incinerators or on ships for example. They produce the necessary supporting and load bearing constructions, fit them, select the insulating materials, attach them with a variety of techniques and cover the insulation material with metal plate or other materials. Insulation fitters in industry also produce insulation for sound and fire protection in buildings and in industrial installations.

Insulation fitters must be able to undertake this work themselves with the assistance of technical documentation or in groups. They must also be able to assess the scope of the work and to secure the work process on the site in cooperation with other trades.

4. Professional abilities

  • Setting up and testing work and safety scaffolds
  • Installation of light wall partitions and suspended ceilings
  • Laying out, processing, manufacturing and installation of simple and complex metal mouldings
  • Measurement of system parts and production of isometric drawings
  • Selection of insulation materials, materials for jackets and fixtures according to purpose and while taking sound and fire protection aspects into consideration
  • Fitting the insulation materials by laying out, applying, winding, adhering, wiring and bandaging
  • Fitting the insulation materials by pouring, blowing, stuffing and foaming
  • Manufacture and fitting of mattresses made of insulation materials
  • Manufacture and fitting of supporting and load bearing constructions
  • Sheathing of insulation with metal plate, films, webs, bandages and plastic self-setting finishes and moulded pieces
  • Checking the implementation of insulation systems and vapour retarders and assessing their effect
  • Taking measures for quality assurance